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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Stake Out Pole for Anchoring


Click here to get the YakAttack Stake Out Pole

The Yak Attack ParkNPole Floating Stake Out Pole might be the most well designed stake-out stick you will ever use. Is it the high quality foam grip or the strong fiberglass construction? Or is it the highly-designed handle which features ergonomic notches for a firm grip, a hole for a tether or hanging storage or the side notches designed for grabbing lanyards or anything else you need to reach? Did we say handle? Turn the stick over and that handle now becomes a wide foot, great when you need a push off. The Stake-Out Stick measures .75 in. x 8 ft. and is loaded with features, for a stick.



• Can be attached to anchor trolley or cleats
• Floats
• Strong fiberglass construction
• Wide ergonomic handle
• Also functions as a push pole

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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley

Click here to get the YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley

The YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley Heavy Duty is a high-tech anchor trolley system featuring Harken pulleys, a built in Leverloc, and 35′ of 550 paracord with a reflective tracer for visibility. Also includes Backing Plates to make it Heavy Duty. The Backing Plates give the trolley additional strength and resistance against the give and take of waves, wind, and monster fish. The built-in LeverLoc locks the trolley line by a simple flip of a switch and at .4 inches tall it is extremely low profile making for a snag free install. When not in use the anchor ring snaps into the LeverLoc so you always know where it is. This anchor trolley is a first of its kind using specially engineered components specific to the job.




• Harken Pulleys, 2 Pad Hooks, Locking Line Clamp, Anchor Ring, Paracord
• Self Locking Leverloc for anchor management
• USA made 550 Paracord
• Easy to manage and keep snag free
• Backing Plates make this a Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley
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Kayak Fishing Gear Guide

The Kayak Fishing Gear Guide

  • Tons of kayak fishing gear, rigging, and accessory ideas.
  • Limitless mounting options.
  • Clickable pics and links to find where to get gear items.
  • Basic and advanced rigging gear.
  • Electronics.
  • Essential safety gear.

  • And more. Fill in the form below.

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Kayak Fishing Camera Mounts

Getting your camera pointed in the right direction just got easier with the YakAttack PanFish Camera Pole for Mighty Mount Systems. The PanFish features a split mast design with adjustable friction disks that allow quick and easy horizontal panning. Just grab the foam grip above center mast and rotate. Nothing to loosen, nothing to get loose. Just point and let go. The PanFish was designed for over-the-shoulder video with lightweight cameras. Maximum payload is recommended at 1 lb, including camera and housing. Mighty Mount and Scotty Mount versions are also available.

The YakAttack Panfish Camera Pole Mount
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• Pivoting mast with adjustable friction disk for horizontal panning – no loosening knobs to pan
• 28″ tall, weighs only 14 ounces and will float in water
• Can be used with Mighty Mount systems
• 1 lb recommended payload
Click here to see the YakAttack Dog Bone Camera Mount for a different side angle.
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Kayak Fishing Accessories: YakAttack Track Mount Paddle Holder

The Yak Attack Track Mount Paddle Holder is a smart solution to the age old problem of paddle management. Being compatible with YakAttack MightyMounts, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems it can be used in many different ways and configurations. Designed to work with standard diameter paddle shafts and features two rollers making the paddle holder very quiet, yet holds your paddle with just the right amount of tension. Sold in a single pack and GearTrac not included.

• Compatible with YakAttack MightyMounts, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems
• Designed to work with standard diameter paddle shafts
• Two rollers secure the paddle shaft
• Sold individually
• Tracks not included
Click here to get the YakAttack Track Mount Paddle Holder