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The Kayak Fishing Video DVD

With Dennis Spike and Howard Rose.  Dennis is a real pioneer in the sport of kayak fishing.  In fact, it was seeing pictures of him, while I was in college, fishing the west coast, in a kayak, that made me want to make the switch from a canoe to a kayak as the preferred fishing vessel.  Check out this DVD for some great kayak fishing instruction and footage.








Gear selection

Water safety

Outfitting your kayak

Accessory installation

Catching big game fish

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Kayak Fishing Book & DVD Combo

Click here to get the book and DVD combo

Kayak Fishing one of the fastest growing segments of boating and fishing is being fueled by a paddle. Kayak fishing, specifically. Florida Sportsman Editor Jeff Weakley traveled well beyond his local home waters of Florida researching the latest rigging and manufacturing techniques for this book and DVD.

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Basic Freshwater Fishing Lures Course: What You Need in Your Kayak Fishing Arsenal

Basic Freshwater Fishing Lures Course: What You Need in Your Kayak Fishing Arsenal

In this nearly hour long video course, we’ll teach you all the basics of freshwater fishing lures.

You’ll Learn:

  • What you should keep in your tackle box.
  • How to organize your lures.
  • What each lure type is.
  • How they work.
  • How to rig them.
  • What techniques can be used with them.
  • How to pattern fish for that day and conditions.
  • More about swimbaits in an in-depth special section.
  • How to use this arsenal to catch more fish.

Some days are different than others, drastically different.  There are all kinds of lures to choose from.  Some are trendy, some are tried and true, some will become your personal favorites.  In order to have fun and successful days on the water, we’ll go over all of these basics so that you can efficiently plan out your attack and actually do what you set out to do; catch fish!  

If you’re relatively new to kayak fishing, or fishing in general, or would like to bone up on your fishing lure knowledge and how to use them, this course is for you.9-19-14 riverbend smallie 2

Watch the video course now by clicking the order now button below.  After checkout, you’ll be immediately brought back here to watch the video on demand in seconds.

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