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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Stake Out Pole for Anchoring


Click here to get the YakAttack Stake Out Pole

The Yak Attack ParkNPole Floating Stake Out Pole might be the most well designed stake-out stick you will ever use. Is it the high quality foam grip or the strong fiberglass construction? Or is it the highly-designed handle which features ergonomic notches for a firm grip, a hole for a tether or hanging storage or the side notches designed for grabbing lanyards or anything else you need to reach? Did we say handle? Turn the stick over and that handle now becomes a wide foot, great when you need a push off. The Stake-Out Stick measures .75 in. x 8 ft. and is loaded with features, for a stick.



• Can be attached to anchor trolley or cleats
• Floats
• Strong fiberglass construction
• Wide ergonomic handle
• Also functions as a push pole

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Kayak Fishing: A Guide to Freshwater Rigging, Lures, Baits, and Techniques for Kayak Fishing Success

Kayak Fishing coverThe sport of kayak fishing is catching on like wild fire. In this book, Chris takes you on a tour of the sport of kayak fishing, how he got into it, and the gear and techniques needed to make it a fun day on the water.

You’ll read about the pros and cons of kayaks vs. power boats, the outfitting of fishing kayaks, and the adaptations of techniques you may need to make fishing from a kayak.

Included is links to over two hours of on demand video discussing rigging options, fishing lure types, and techniques and presentations for freshwater fishing. Included:

  • Gear and accessories
  • Rod selection
  • Lure types and techniques
  • Adapting presentations for different conditions
  • Knowing and going to where the fish are
  • Best lure colors
  • Catch, photo, and release principles
  • Staying in shape for kayak fishing
  • Fishing and boating ethics and etiquette

Kayak fishing is an excellent way for the average person to get started economically and on the water, often in places power boats can’t go, and have a lot of fun catching more fish. This is an excellent guide for the beginning or intermediate angler.  This is a paperback copy.


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Kayak Fishing Potomac River 18 Incher

I ended up working all day Saturday and resting as my back was giving me a little trouble. I think it was from sitting in my kayak for so long on a few trips prior so just decided to focus on something else for a while.

Sunday morning rolls around and I see a bunch of Facebook friends up on the Susky catching pig after pig. Many guys are starting to talk about Fall patterns now with some of the colder weather starting to stick around. Naturally, this got me excited about getting out there if they are biting. I got excited about trying some crank baits and mostly some plastic jerk baits. The smallies in the Potomac have been hitting fast moving twitched baits recently.

I ended up paddling a long way upstream. Farther than I have before. Click below to see the route I took Continue reading Kayak Fishing Potomac River 18 Incher

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I Love Swim Baits!

A great presentation on the river for smallmouth bass while kayak fishing is a 3″ or 4″ swim bait. I like to fish them a little bit quick and aggressive in the Fall, but will sometimes slow them down to bump the bottom every now and then in other warmer months. You can fish it just like a grub. Even rig it weedless on a keel weighted swim bait hook to pull through tough cover. What’s the best color? More often than not, I like natural colors. A dark back and white or silver under belly.  A minnow profile bait like this is ideal for large or smallmouth bass.

Bass Assassin Turbo Shad




Visit our store to grab a bag of these awesome and versatile swim baits for when you’re out kayak fishing and check out some of the others while you’re there.

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Map of Kayak Fishing Hot Spots and Holes for Bass at Algonkian Regional Park, VA

Here you go. Here is a fairly detailed map of all of the holes and hot spots I’ve caught bass on over the last few years at this particular park, Algonkian Regional Park on the Potomac river in Virginia. I hope you can put this to good use. Tight lines!

View Potomac River Hot Spots in a larger map