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Kayak Fishing: A Guide to Freshwater Rigging, Lures, Baits, and Techniques for Kayak Fishing Success

Kayak Fishing coverThe sport of kayak fishing is catching on like wild fire. In this book, Chris takes you on a tour of the sport of kayak fishing, how he got into it, and the gear and techniques needed to make it a fun day on the water.

You’ll read about the pros and cons of kayaks vs. power boats, the outfitting of fishing kayaks, and the adaptations of techniques you may need to make fishing from a kayak.

Included is links to over two hours of on demand video discussing rigging options, fishing lure types, and techniques and presentations for freshwater fishing. Included:

  • Gear and accessories
  • Rod selection
  • Lure types and techniques
  • Adapting presentations for different conditions
  • Knowing and going to where the fish are
  • Best lure colors
  • Catch, photo, and release principles
  • Staying in shape for kayak fishing
  • Fishing and boating ethics and etiquette

Kayak fishing is an excellent way for the average person to get started economically and on the water, often in places power boats can’t go, and have a lot of fun catching more fish. This is an excellent guide for the beginning or intermediate angler. ┬áThis is a paperback copy.


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River Kayak Fishing Rule of 3’s

When kayak fishing a river environment, I try to keep things simple. To help me stay organized and not too overloaded with gear, I’ve noticed things tend to fall within somewhat of a rule of 3’s for me. In the video below, I explain what I mean by that in more detail.

Xcalibur Real Craw Lipless Crankbait

Real craw








Zoom Speed Craw
Zoom Ultravibe Speed Craw - 3-1 2

Tube Bait

Zoom Salty Super Tube

Minnow Hard Jerk Bait
Lucky Craft Hardbaits - Flash Minnow 110 SP

Zoom Jerk Bait
Zoom Magnum Super Fluke - 7

D.O.A. Swim Bait
D.O.A. C.A.L. Series Shad Tail

Gary Yamamoto Senko - 7


Berkley PowerBait Original Power Grub

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The Versatile Tube Bait for Kayak Fishing Success

Sometimes when I’m on the water it seems like bass won’t bite anything, but a bass tube bait. Even in the midst of other more realistic baits, they may prefer the tube. It just depends on the conditions. I say it is versatile because, maybe more than any other bait except for a jig, it can be used to mimic a variety of forage. Additionally, they come in a wide range of sizes from 1″ for crappie, up to 5″ or more for large bass. ┬áMost times, a tube bait is meant to mimic a crawfish on the bottom with the tentacles looking like the claws and legs, but can also resemble a bait fish. They can be casted and retrieved, used like a jerk bait, twitched, drifted, deadsticked, even trolled. It can be rigged with a jig head, nose rigged, texas rigged, even rigged backwards with a jig head. I’ve had bass bite on all of these presentations and rigs depending on the day.

3 3/4″ Bass Tube

Strike King Coffee Tubes 3.5in Green Pumpkin

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A Weekend Full of Smallmouth; Kayak Fishing the Potomac River

This past weekend, I took my personal training client, Marc, out on the Potomac river on a float trip.

Marc is more of a saltwater guy, but just got a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 kayak that he seems to love. So we go out quite often now. We’ve both been trying to get people to do a float trip with us for some time and we finally got a chance to do it. I thought it might be a half day, but we ended up taking all day. Initially, it wasn’t much of a float trip, there was such a strong upstream wind, it was blowing us back and had to fight it. Later on it calmed down and we drifted nicely. We ended up with well over 30 fish…some got off at the boat…and at least 10 good sized ones. The following are some of the nice ones we picked up. Continue reading A Weekend Full of Smallmouth; Kayak Fishing the Potomac River