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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley

Click here to get the YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley

The YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley Heavy Duty is a high-tech anchor trolley system featuring Harken pulleys, a built in Leverloc, and 35′ of 550 paracord with a reflective tracer for visibility. Also includes Backing Plates to make it Heavy Duty. The Backing Plates give the trolley additional strength and resistance against the give and take of waves, wind, and monster fish. The built-in LeverLoc locks the trolley line by a simple flip of a switch and at .4 inches tall it is extremely low profile making for a snag free install. When not in use the anchor ring snaps into the LeverLoc so you always know where it is. This anchor trolley is a first of its kind using specially engineered components specific to the job.




• Harken Pulleys, 2 Pad Hooks, Locking Line Clamp, Anchor Ring, Paracord
• Self Locking Leverloc for anchor management
• USA made 550 Paracord
• Easy to manage and keep snag free
• Backing Plates make this a Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley
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The Kayak Fishing Video DVD

With Dennis Spike and Howard Rose.  Dennis is a real pioneer in the sport of kayak fishing.  In fact, it was seeing pictures of him, while I was in college, fishing the west coast, in a kayak, that made me want to make the switch from a canoe to a kayak as the preferred fishing vessel.  Check out this DVD for some great kayak fishing instruction and footage.








Gear selection

Water safety

Outfitting your kayak

Accessory installation

Catching big game fish

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Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayak Stabilizer Bar

Click here to see the Wilderness Systems Stabilizer Standing Bar

The Wilderness Systems Stabilizer Bar provides assistance with standing up in your kayak and lean-on stability while casting or fishing in a standing position. This strong, double-walled marine-grade aluminum bar attaches to the SlideTrax rail on Wildnerness Systems kayaks and folds flat when not in use. It comes with hardware to bolt directly to your kayak if you don’t have SlideTrax rails. The width between the mounts is 19.75 inches. The height is adjustable and can fit anglers 5’2″ – 6’4″. The Stabilizer Bar is the perfect accessory for your Wilderness Systems kayak to allow you to enjoy your time on the water longer and in more comfort. Instructions and mounting hardware included.

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Kayak Fishing Gear Guide

Our friends at ACK have done it again and put out another great kayak fishing gear guide.  Take a look and see if you’re missing any essential gear or if there’s something you can add to your kayak fishing arsenal.  I’ll keep it simple and let the graphic speak for itself, but you can download a copy of the graphic to save here.  And click the graphic, itself to view all the gear items.

ACK Kayak Fishing Gear Guide A Visual Presentation


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Basic Fishing Kayak Rigging and Outfitting Course: Accessories You Need in and on Your Fishing Kayak

Basic Fishing Kayak Rigging and Outfitting Course: Accessories You Need in and on Your Fishing Kayak

In this nearly hour long video course, we’ll teach you all the basics of setting up, rigging, and outfitting your kayak with the appropriate accessories to turn it into a true fishing kayak.

This can be done with nearly any kayak to turn it into a fishing machine.  Watch as we go from bow to stern and discuss many of the possible rigging options that can make your day on the water a successful one.

You’ll Learn:

  • The common locations for installing fishing kayak accessories.
  • The best brands of accessories that are most compatible and where to get them.
  • How to organize your in-boat accessories.
  • Camera mounts, anchor trolley, rod holders, and crate accessories.
  • Where NOT to mount some accessories.
  • DIY accessory options you can make, yourself.

If you’re relatively new to kayak fishing or would like to get some more ideas on how to outfit or rig your kayak, this course is for you.Rigged commander video still

Watch the video course now by clicking the order now button below.  After checkout, you’ll be immediately brought back here to watch the video on demand in seconds.

Just $7.99

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An Easy Way to Begin Kayak Fishing. Low Cost Kayaks. Ascend FS12T from Bass Pro Shops

There is a LOT of talk and questions online lately about Bass Pro Shops’
Ascend FS128T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak
.  With the increase in popularity of the sport, people are looking for deals and easy ways to get on the water. We believe there is no better way to get on the water and catch more fish than the right lure choices and a decent fishing kayak to get you there. It’s the single biggest advantage we will have over bank fishermen and even guys with big expensive boats that break down or take all day to load up and launch. Continue reading An Easy Way to Begin Kayak Fishing. Low Cost Kayaks. Ascend FS12T from Bass Pro Shops

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Fishing Kayak Repair: Guide to Rotomolded Canoe and Kayak Repair

We’ve all experienced some degree or another of damage to our fishing kayaks.  They can be tough, themselves, but also tough to maintain in some instances over the long term.  plastic weld

Thanks to our friends at Perception Kayaks, here is a handy guide to repair of rotomolded polyethylene kayak hulls.  We had good success this past year repairing 3 different kayak hulls with severe holes and cracks using the heat gun method.

Polyethylene Repair Guide for Kayak Hulls


If you find yourself needing repair and feel competent enough to give it a try yourself, use this guide to help you get a little more life out of your fishing kayak.