Kayak Fishing Accessories: Stake Out Pole for Anchoring

  The Yak Attack ParkNPole Floating Stake Out Pole might be the most well designed stake-out stick you will ever use. Is it the high quality foam grip or the strong fiberglass construction? Or is it the highly-designed handle which features ergonomic notches for a firm grip, a hole for a tether or hanging storage

Kayak Fishing Accessories: Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley

The YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley Heavy Duty is a high-tech anchor trolley system featuring Harken pulleys, a built in Leverloc, and 35′ of 550 paracord with a reflective tracer for visibility. Also includes Backing Plates to make it Heavy Duty. The Backing Plates give the trolley additional strength and resistance against the give and take

Kayak Outfitting DVD, Outfitting Your Kayak For Fishing: Cory Routh

A comprehensive instruction for outfitting your kayak for fishing and a companion DVD to Cory Routh’s Book “Kayak Fishing, A complete Guide”. Includes Rod Holder Installation, Fish Finder Installation, Anchor Shuttle Installation, Live Well Installation, Safety Equipment, Cold Weather Protection and Kayak and Paddle Selection. The DVD also features Whitney March host of “School Of