Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayak Stabilizer Bar

The Wilderness Systems Stabilizer Bar provides assistance with standing up in your kayak and lean-on stability while casting or fishing in a standing position. This strong, double-walled marine-grade aluminum bar attaches to the SlideTrax rail on Wildnerness Systems kayaks and folds flat when not in use. It comes with hardware to bolt directly to your

Kayak Fishing Accessories: YakAttack Track Mount Paddle Holder

The Yak Attack Track Mount Paddle Holder is a smart solution to the age old problem of paddle management. Being compatible with YakAttack MightyMounts, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems it can be used in many different ways and configurations. Designed to work with standard diameter paddle shafts and features two rollers making the

Kayak Fishing Accessories: Harmony SlideTrax Dashboard

The Harmony SlideTrax Dashboard is the perfect companion for the SlideTrax system. This dashboard is pre-drilled so it makes an excellent mounting platform for your rod holders and fish finders without drilling a hole into your kayak. The 4 inch tall legs allow you to lift the dashboard up off the deck to give you

Basic Fishing Kayak Rigging and Outfitting Course: Accessories You Need in and on Your Fishing Kayak

Basic Fishing Kayak Rigging and Outfitting Course: Accessories You Need in and on Your Fishing Kayak In this nearly hour long video course, we’ll teach you all the basics of setting up, rigging, and outfitting your kayak with the appropriate accessories to turn it into a true fishing kayak. This can be done with nearly

Kayak Outfitting DVD, Outfitting Your Kayak For Fishing: Cory Routh

A comprehensive instruction for outfitting your kayak for fishing and a companion DVD to Cory Routh’s Book “Kayak Fishing, A complete Guide”. Includes Rod Holder Installation, Fish Finder Installation, Anchor Shuttle Installation, Live Well Installation, Safety Equipment, Cold Weather Protection and Kayak and Paddle Selection. The DVD also features Whitney March host of “School Of