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Kayak Fishing Gear Guide

The Kayak Fishing Gear Guide

  • Tons of kayak fishing gear, rigging, and accessory ideas.
  • Limitless mounting options.
  • Clickable pics and links to find where to get gear items.
  • Basic and advanced rigging gear.
  • Electronics.
  • Essential safety gear.

  • And more. Fill in the form below.

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Kayak Fishing Camera Mounts

Getting your camera pointed in the right direction just got easier with the YakAttack PanFish Camera Pole for Mighty Mount Systems. The PanFish features a split mast design with adjustable friction disks that allow quick and easy horizontal panning. Just grab the foam grip above center mast and rotate. Nothing to loosen, nothing to get loose. Just point and let go. The PanFish was designed for over-the-shoulder video with lightweight cameras. Maximum payload is recommended at 1 lb, including camera and housing. Mighty Mount and Scotty Mount versions are also available.

The YakAttack Panfish Camera Pole Mount
Click here to see other camera mount options
• Pivoting mast with adjustable friction disk for horizontal panning – no loosening knobs to pan
• 28″ tall, weighs only 14 ounces and will float in water
• Can be used with Mighty Mount systems
• 1 lb recommended payload
Click here to see the YakAttack Dog Bone Camera Mount for a different side angle.
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Kayak Fishing Accessories: YakAttack Track Mount Paddle Holder

The Yak Attack Track Mount Paddle Holder is a smart solution to the age old problem of paddle management. Being compatible with YakAttack MightyMounts, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems it can be used in many different ways and configurations. Designed to work with standard diameter paddle shafts and features two rollers making the paddle holder very quiet, yet holds your paddle with just the right amount of tension. Sold in a single pack and GearTrac not included.

• Compatible with YakAttack MightyMounts, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems
• Designed to work with standard diameter paddle shafts
• Two rollers secure the paddle shaft
• Sold individually
• Tracks not included
Click here to get the YakAttack Track Mount Paddle Holder
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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Harmony SlideTrax Dashboard

The Harmony SlideTrax Dashboard is the perfect companion for the SlideTrax system. This dashboard is pre-drilled so it makes an excellent mounting platform for your rod holders and fish finders without drilling a hole into your kayak. The 4 inch tall legs allow you to lift the dashboard up off the deck to give you more legroom and put your fish finders at a comfortable height. Fits all Wilderness Systems Tarpons and Rides with the SlideTrax system. Tool-less hardware included.

• Attaches to the SlideTrax system on the Tarpon and Ride kayaks with the SlideTrax system
• Pre-drilled surface for mounting fish finders, GPS units, and rod holders
• Can be drilled for custom outfitting
• 4 inch tall legs lift the dashboard off the deck of the kayak
• Comes with all hardware necessary
Item #: 14689
Length: 24 in / 60.96 cm
Width: 5 in / 12.7 cm
Height: 4.75 in / 12.07 cm
Click here to get the Harmony Slidetrax dashboard.

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Waterproof Tackleboxes for Kayak Fishing

A relatively recent development has been the concept of waterproof tackleboxes.  Plano has perfected this.  At first glance, this box looks smaller than comparable sized boxes, but upon use, it really isn’t.  I can fit just as many soft plastics, or even crankbaits in each compartment as I can other boxes.  I like the waterproof feature so much, I’ve converted over almost my entire collection of this style of tackleboxes to these.

The Plano Waterproof StowAway Utility Box is popular among both freshwater and saltwater fishermen as a place to store their lures, hooks, and other various items. Around the inside of the lid of the Plano Waterproof StowAway Utility Box is a thick rubber gasket that allows for a water tight seal when the 3 black cam action latches have been closed to shut the box. Inside are predetermined areas where you can divide the interior, with the provided plastic dividers, into 5 to 20 adjustable compartments to keep your items neatly organized.

• Dri-Loc O-ring seal
• Three tight sealing cam action latches
• 5 – 20 adjustable compartments
• Compatible with the 3600 StowAway footprint
Item #: 9401
Length: 10.75 in / 27.31 cm
Width: 7.25 in / 18.42 cm
Height: 1.75 in / 4.45 cm
Made in: USA 


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Kayak Fishing Swimbaits. The D.O.A. C.A.L. Shad Tail Swimbait.

The D.O.A.® classic C.A.L.™ Series Shad Tails are made from high-quality soft plastic with laminated colors on backs and tails for lifelike appeal. The Shad Tails are some of the easiest baits to fish, and are impregnated with farm-grown shrimp to provide the authentic flavor that triggers strikes.

  • Tails are made from high-quality soft plastic
  • Laminated colors on backs and tails for lifelike appeal
  • Authentic flavor that triggers strikes

The D.O.A. C.A.L. Shad Tail Swimbait is quite possibly one of my favorite swimbaits of all time.  The profile is perfect, it swims true, is a small bite size chunk for fresh and saltwater species of fish.  One of the best minnow profiles out there.  It works well with a variety of hooks from regular jig heads to swimbait hooks and Draggin’ heads.  Or just throw it out there weightless and twitch it around like a jerk bait.  An awesome lure in my opinion and I’m never without a box full of several colors of them.

Find D.O.A. C.A.L. Swimbaits by Clicking Here

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Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter for Kayak Fishing Accessories

The Scotty 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter is a nice instance of things becoming more universal when it comes to parts and rigging fishing kayaks.  Compared to the more rectangular and blocky Scotty bases, this gear head track adapter creates a much more streamlined and smaller package for placing our Scotty rod holders, or any other accessory for that matter, in places where track systems already exist.  This is sort of Scotty’s equivalent to a Yak Attack/Ram Mounts Screwball.  You can also place extra track wherever you like on your boat now and place these Scotty adapters along them for a variety of rigging options.  I still use 2 of these on the cockpit track systems of my commander with rod holders acting as outriggers.  I suggest these accessories be used for most freshwater applications and smaller species of fish as any accessory that screws or spins may be able to be moved by larger and stronger fish.  You wouldn’t want a rod shooting out of a rod holder because it wasn’t secure.

The Scotty 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter quickly slides into place and locks down your post mounted Scotty rod holders and accessories. Similar to the revolutionary Scotty 428 Gear-Head, this system allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist. You can use your favorite, fully adjustable Scotty rod holder and adjust it to any vertical or horizontal position without having to drill permanent mounting holes. Designed to fit all kayak track systems, this compact product is a must for serious kayak anglers.


• Designed to fit all kayak track systems
• Allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist
• Slides into place and locks down your post mounted Scotty rod holders


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Hot Weather Kayak Fishing Gear

It’s important to stay covered and protect yourself out there fishing and exposed to the elements.  It might seem counterintuitive to be wearing long clothing in hot temps.  I’ve had the beginning stages of heat sickness a couple of times and it’s not fun.  Sometimes, your first symptom is instant puking.  And, what’s worse, is that for some people, once you cross that line, it’s hard to cool off again.  Columbia makes some of the lightest, most comfortable, and cooling materials I’ve seen.  Additionally, convertible pants makes it easy to switch to shorts if you feel the need.  These are easily an essential piece of kayak fishing gear.

The convertible version of the technical Backcast Pant featuring zip-off legs that convert to shorts, the men’s Backcast Convertible Pant is as versatile as it gets—delivering all the quick-drying performance and lightweight comfort you need for splashing through rivers, fishing off docks, and rambling down beaches. UPF 50 sun protection shields you from the sun’s damaging rays, while a partial elastic waistband and interior mesh brief provide comfort and fit.


  • Omni-Shade™ UPF 50 sun protection
  • Quick dry
  • Partial elastic at waist
  • Interior mesh brief
  • Zip-off legs convert pant to 825″ inseam short
  • Relaxed Fit


  • 100% textured nylon poplin

Sun Protection
If you don’t have some fishing pants like this already, I’d recommend picking some up especially if you plan to be out braving the Summer sun and hot temperatures.  You can order Columbia Omni-Shade and Omni-Freeze hot weather gear here.  
And the PFG Tamiami II short sleeve.
Also check out the Solar Camo long sleeve shirt.
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Awesome Kayak Fishing Milk Crate System with Slide Trax Rails

The Ackessories Milk Crate with SlideTrax Crate Rails Kit provides you everything you need to construct the ultimate milk crate that provides tons of features for the kayak fisherman. The kit includes a 19″ x 13″ milk crate as well as a set of SlideTrax Crate Rails. These rails mount easily to the top rim of milk crate with the included hardware. These Crate Rails feature slots cut out for knives, pliers or even lures. They even provide pre-drilled holes that allow for the attachment of aftermarket gear tracks that allow the attachment of various accessories. In the corners are pre-cut holes that allow PVC pipe to be inserted to act as rod holders and the rails have even been adapted to securely hold a 5 gallon bucket.

• Industrial grade milk crate that measures 19″ x 13″
• Lightweight, durable, self-draining storage solution
• Comes with SlideTrax crate rails and installation hardware
• Rails allow for attachment of aftermarket Gear Tracks as well as various other pieces of tackle such as pliers and knives
• Fits most tankwells on the market
Below you can see the one I purchased with extra track and a Yak Attack Screwball added.  There is ample room for all kinds of rigging options.  This longer crate particularly fits the Wilderness Systems Commander tankwell very well.  Additionally, with the rails as a platform, there is more opportunity to run your rigging off of the crate rather than extra unnecessary drilling into your kayak hull.  Things like your safety flag/light, rod holders, and other gear pouches are good that purpose.  This is one of the better rigging purchases I’ve made and will last a long time.

Find the Ackessories Milk Crate with Slide Trax Rails at ACK.

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Electronics: The Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder. Perfect for Fishing Kayaks.

Never wonder where the fish are: with Raymarine’s Dragonfly™ 4 Pro Fishfinder/Chartplotter combo, you’ll get a photo-like view of what’s under your boat.

Change your underwater view and catch more fish with the Dragonfly 4 Pro with wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ technology. Easily identify fish and underwater objects with photo-like sonar images. Dragonfly’s all-weather, high-definition color LCD display looks sharp from every angle. Step up to a smarter species of sonar with Dragonfly.

New Tech with Better Specs: Upgrade your fish finding capabilities when you install the CPT-DVS transom mount that comes with this combo. A high-visibility improvement traditional sonar didn’t see coming, CHIRP Sonar provides the clearest view of what’s in the water. It works with a range of wavelengths, so it’s able to add clarity and detail to what traditional sonar was able to show — like putting color onto a black-and-white image.

CHRIP DownVision™: CHIRP DownVision will change the way you fish with incredibly clear, photo-like sonar images. Dragonfly’s CHIRP DownVision surpasses ordinary imaging sonars with superior deep water performance to 600′ and reliable, high-speed bottom tracking.

Chartplotting and Navionics+: Always know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Chartplotting allows you to store up to 3,000 waypoints, split between up to 100 groupings, and 15 tracks with up to 10,000 points per track. Navionics+ Cartography makes lakes and coastlines in the U.S. and Canada crystal clear using high-definition 1-foot  bathymetry. You can make your own maps and share cartography with the Navionics+ community, create sonar maps and use Dock-to-Dock autorouting. One year of daily updates and advanced features are included with Navionics+.

Don’t Miss a Thing: Your screen updates rapidly with the internal 72-channel, fast-acquisition GPS sensor. You can stream live sonar data to your compatible smartphone using the Dragonfly 4 Pro’s built-in Wi-Fi and Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app. Save your sonar screen shots using a MicroSD memory card.

Key Features

  • You’ll Catch Every Detail: The Dragonfly 4 Pro comes with wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ sonar to give you photo-like images of fish and underwater structure as well as a narrow-band CHIRP channel specially designed for targeting fish.
  • Superior Sonar: With wide spectrum CHIRP, more sonar signals are transmitted into the water, allowing Dragonfly to interpret more detail, differentiate individual fish and let you view underwater structure with the highest clarity. Unlike conventional imaging sonars that transmit at a single frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly’s DownVision sonar uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies simultaneously – the result is much higher-resolution, lifelike sonar images.
  • Looking Good: This display is engineered with optical bonding LCD display technology. No longer reserved for high-end marine displays, this technology creates an all-weather, optically bonded display that give you brighter colors and sharper contrast. These screens will never fog up and can be viewed even in harsh sunlight.
  • Install it Anywhere: This sleek device comes with a pivot mount that gives you the freedom to choose from many angles and surfaces when installing it.
  • Navigate with Navionics+: This cartography is highly accurate and high-resolution and is updated by fellow boaters in the Navionics+ community so that you’ll always know precisely where you boat is — whether inland or along the coast.

What’s in the Box

  • Dragonfly 4 Pro Fishfinder/Chartplotter Display unit
  • Installation Hardware: Locking collar; Pivot ball; M6 Hex bolt; Display bracket base; x3 M5 pozi-drive bolt; Ratchet arm; Mounting bracket; M6 Hex ratchet bolt; Ratchet plate; Compression washer; M5 washer; M5 locking nut; x3 Self tapping screws
  • Documentation packet
  • Transducer with combined power cable
  • SD card with Navionics+ cartography


  • Display Type: 16:9 Color TFT LCD
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ diagonally
  • Resolution: 480 x 272 WVGA
  • Display Viewing Angle: 70° left/right/top, 45° bottom
  • Included Charts: US Navionics+
  • Inputs: SD card slot
  • Dimensions: 5 11/16″W x 5 11/16″H x 2 3/16″D
  • Data Interface: Power/transducer combined input (no NMEA networking)
  • Voltage: 12V (10.2-15.6V DC)
  • Sonar Frequencies: ClearPulse CHIRP sonar: 170-230kHz/DownVision: 320-380kHz
  • Beamwidth: CHIRP DownVision™: 60° sides; 1.4° fwd./aft; CHIRP fishfinder: 25° conical beam
  • Transducer: PT-DVS Transom mount CHIRP DownVision™ with depth and temperature
  • Cable Length: 19.7′
  • Maximum Depth: 600′ DownVision™; 900′ CHIRP Sonar
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6 and IPX7
  • Warranty: One year
Click here to find the Dragonfly online.