Berkley GULP Alive Shrimp for Sea Trout and Other Inshore Fish

Looks ALIVE, tastes ALIVE, feels ALIVE – because your bait actually “lives” in a natural, super-charged GULP solution!  It’s softbait in a bait bucket! Because these super-realistic biodegradable Berkley® Gulp! Alive®! Shrimp actually “live” in a high-octane Gulp! solution, they absorb up to 20% more attractant. That’s 20% more scent, more taste, more action and more reason for fish to snap them up! Each super-charged Gulp! Alive! Shrimp bait disperses its potent essence like a blood trail in the water, and when you’re done catching, you can simply put your Gulp! Alive! Shrimp back in the bucket to recharge for another day!

I can tell you from experience, there’s been a lot of times where the sea trout would pass up a live shrimp in favor of a Gulp! shrimp.

This is an incredibly versatile bait.  Nearly everything in saltwater eats a shrimp.  You can fish them on a jig head, like a jerk bait, fished slow on the bottom, and rigged under a popping cork.  Some people think these are expensive baits, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Because of their durability, you can catch many more fish on the same bait. And once it does get torn up, I will rig it backwards from the tail end.  Once that goes, you can cut it up into pieces and just use the tail section, and lastly, cut it up into tiny pieces to catch bait.  You get a lot of life and value out of a single bait that you don’t get from less durable soft plastics.

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