Best smallie 3I’ve always been into fishing, ever since my Dad introduced me to it as a little boy. Well, there was a short span as a teenager where I wasn’t really interested, but that’s because we weren’t usually all that successful and I’d get bored. Dad even ended up getting a 16 ft. Bass Tracker at one point. But, the trouble with that was, it took time to hook the trailer up, load up, wonder if the motor would start, wonder if the trolling motor was going to break down, and when we got to where we were fishing, the water was often so low that you’d hit the rocks in the river. I’d spend more time out of the boat walking it around rocks than driving it.

Without a doubt, the single biggest contributor to my fishing success has been the fishing kayak. In the words of my buddy, Marc, “It never breaks down, it never runs out of gas, and the crew is always on time.”  I couldn’t agree more.  I’m glad that I’ve been able to give back and introduce Dad to this relatively new tool that has contributed to his recent fishing success too. Nothing has allowed us to catch more fish, have more fun, and spend quality time together than the sport of kayak fishing.  I want to introduce you to that too. It’s a simple way for nearly anyone to get on the water, have a ton of fun, and be really successful fishing.  Many times even more successful than those guys with the big expensive boats or the ones with the motors that won’t start.  me Dad Mikey kayak fishing

You don’t have to be a rich guy with an expensive boat. You don’t even have to have access to big water. This is a simple and inexpensive way for you to catch a lot of fish. If you think you like fishing now and you’re a bank, dock, or pier fisherman, wait until you try kayak fishing. That’s really our mission here; to help you catch more fish, have more fun, and spend more quality time with your loved ones and friends doing it.  We’ll show and teach you about the options of equipment to use.  We’ll show you lures and baits to try, build your skills, and master.  And go over all of the necessary safety precautions you may need to take to be a competent and responsible kayak fisherman.

This site includes our trip reports, photos, rigging options, and reviews of our favorite gear and locations.  We hope you enjoy it.  Be sure to stay tuned for more great kayak fishing information. Thanks!

If you have any questions or comments, we’ll be happy to speak with you.

big blue cat 1Chris Lutz
Chris Lutz is the owner of www.spartafishing.com, a kayak fishing and outdoor sports  company. He has been kayak fishing for more than a decade. His primary home waters are the mid-Atlantic region in DC/MD/VA, but is currently exploring new places to fish on a full time RV trip. He is a former professional kayak fishing guide on the Potomac River and some surrounding reservoirs. Smallmouth bass are his favorite species to fish for. He currently works as in affiliate sales for numerous companies in the sport fishing industry.  He’s committed to growing the awareness of the sport of kayak fishing and preserving our natural resources.
Contact:  chrislutz@lutzlures.com

Dad shad on kayak rodLarry Lutz
Larry Lutz is a life long fisherman, a computer programmer, and resident of the DC Metro area.  He is the patriarch of the Lutz name.  He prefers to fish the Potomac river and its tributaries for bass, shad, and snakehead.  He is a contributor to this site. 
Contact:  larrylutz@lutzlures.com

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