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Kayak Fishing: A Guide to Freshwater Rigging, Lures, Baits, and Techniques for Kayak Fishing Success

Kayak Fishing coverThe sport of kayak fishing is catching on like wild fire. In this book, Chris takes you on a tour of the sport of kayak fishing, how he got into it, and the gear and techniques needed to make it a fun day on the water.

You’ll read about the pros and cons of kayaks vs. power boats, the outfitting of fishing kayaks, and the adaptations of techniques you may need to make fishing from a kayak.

Included is links to over two hours of on demand video discussing rigging options, fishing lure types, and techniques and presentations for freshwater fishing. Included:

  • Gear and accessories
  • Rod selection
  • Lure types and techniques
  • Adapting presentations for different conditions
  • Knowing and going to where the fish are
  • Best lure colors
  • Catch, photo, and release principles
  • Staying in shape for kayak fishing
  • Fishing and boating ethics and etiquette

Kayak fishing is an excellent way for the average person to get started economically and on the water, often in places power boats can’t go, and have a lot of fun catching more fish. This is an excellent guide for the beginning or intermediate angler.  This is a paperback copy.


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Rapala Saltwater X-Rap Series for Saltwater Kayak Fishing (Video)

Find the Rapala Saltwater X-Rap Series here.

Use code: “FISH10” at checkout for 10% off.

Check out the Saltwater Kayak Fishing book here.

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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Stake Out Pole for Anchoring


Click here to get the YakAttack Stake Out Pole

The Yak Attack ParkNPole Floating Stake Out Pole might be the most well designed stake-out stick you will ever use. Is it the high quality foam grip or the strong fiberglass construction? Or is it the highly-designed handle which features ergonomic notches for a firm grip, a hole for a tether or hanging storage or the side notches designed for grabbing lanyards or anything else you need to reach? Did we say handle? Turn the stick over and that handle now becomes a wide foot, great when you need a push off. The Stake-Out Stick measures .75 in. x 8 ft. and is loaded with features, for a stick.



• Can be attached to anchor trolley or cleats
• Floats
• Strong fiberglass construction
• Wide ergonomic handle
• Also functions as a push pole

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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley

Click here to get the YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley

The YakAttack Leverloc Anchor Trolley Heavy Duty is a high-tech anchor trolley system featuring Harken pulleys, a built in Leverloc, and 35′ of 550 paracord with a reflective tracer for visibility. Also includes Backing Plates to make it Heavy Duty. The Backing Plates give the trolley additional strength and resistance against the give and take of waves, wind, and monster fish. The built-in LeverLoc locks the trolley line by a simple flip of a switch and at .4 inches tall it is extremely low profile making for a snag free install. When not in use the anchor ring snaps into the LeverLoc so you always know where it is. This anchor trolley is a first of its kind using specially engineered components specific to the job.




• Harken Pulleys, 2 Pad Hooks, Locking Line Clamp, Anchor Ring, Paracord
• Self Locking Leverloc for anchor management
• USA made 550 Paracord
• Easy to manage and keep snag free
• Backing Plates make this a Heavy Duty Anchor Trolley
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Kayak Fishing DVD- Game On 2

Click Here to Get Kayak Fishing Game On 2

Kayak Fishing GAME ON 2 follows up on the award-winning success of the original film by following Jim Sammons around North America on another fishing adventure of a lifetime. Jim pushes his skills to the limit fighting a 120 lb tuna in Panama, musky hunting on a 6-day whitewater kayak fishing trip, battling yellow tail in the exposed waters off Baja. Jim’s adventures also take him down a road of discovery as he learns to fly fish in Montana and takes part in a special Heroes On The Water event in Texas.

• Featuring Jim Sammons

• Fights tuna in Panama, musky hunting on a 6-day whitewater kayak fishing trip, yellow tail in Baja

• Jim learns to fly fish in Montana

• Special Heroes On The Water event in Texas

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Kayak Fishing Book: Kayak Fishing The Ultimate Guide 2nd Edition

Click Here to Get Kayak Fishing The Ultimate Guide 2nd Ed.

With stunning new photography and contributions from 20 influential kayak angling pros, Kayak Fishing The Ultimate Guide 2nd Ed. provides new kayak anglers with a solid foundation of skills and concepts for a safe and comfortable entry into the sport. Experienced kayak anglers will benefit from a wealth of tips, tricks, and advanced kayak fishing techniques.

There’s also the DVD

Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide DVD is the most comprehensive DVD on the sport of kayak fishing. Following experts Scott Null and Joel McBride through all the basics, this DVD will give the new kayak angler a solid foundation of skills and concepts, and allow a safe and comfortable entry into the sport. For the more experienced angler, Scott and Joel draw on their vast experience in both kayaking and fishing to offer a wealth of tips and tricks. Get the most out of your time on the water with the Kayak Fishing: Ultimate Guide DVD!

• WINNER – Best Instructional – Reel Paddling Film Festival 2008
• Most comprehensive DVD on the sport of kayak fishing
• Will give the new kayak angler a solid foundation of skills and concepts
• Allows for a safe and comfortable entry into the sport
• Good information for all experience levels
Click Here to Get Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide DVD
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Cool Kayak Fishing Magazine

Click here to subscribe to Kayak Angler Magazine

Kayak Angler is the #1 North American kayak fishing magazine. Each issue of Kayak Angler magazine is full of great saltwater and freshwater fishing hot spots, the latest rigging techniques, and pro fishing tips, plus industry news and fishing reports on what’s biting near you.

About Kayak Angler

Issues Per Year: 4

Estimated Delivery: Up to 12 weeks

Publisher Name: Rapid Media

Automatic Renewal Service: For your convenience, Kayak Angler is part of the Automatic Renewal Service. You will receive all the benefits of our automatic renewal program. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – cancel at any time!

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Kayak Fishing Accessories: Affordable Lip Gripper with 50 lbs. Scale

Click here to see the Rapala Fish Lip Gripper with 50 lbs. Scale

When kayak fishing, there may be some species, like northern snakeheads or saltwater fish that require the use of a boga type fish lip gripper.  Rapala makes an excellent and affordable option that also includes a 50 lbs scale.

Quickly and easily lift and weigh your catch with one-hand. Pull open jaws, slip over the toothiest fish, lift and accurately measure weight on the easy-to-read spring-loaded scale. Quick release mechanism sends the catch back to fight another day. Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction will provide service for years to come. Soft-grip handle gives the ultimate in slip-resistant grip and comfort while wrist lanyard ensures only the fish goes back in the drink. Weight indicated in one pound increments.

  • Great combination of functionality and performance
  • Easy, one-handed operation to safely lift, weigh and release fish
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The Kayak Fishing Video DVD

With Dennis Spike and Howard Rose.  Dennis is a real pioneer in the sport of kayak fishing.  In fact, it was seeing pictures of him, while I was in college, fishing the west coast, in a kayak, that made me want to make the switch from a canoe to a kayak as the preferred fishing vessel.  Check out this DVD for some great kayak fishing instruction and footage.








Gear selection

Water safety

Outfitting your kayak

Accessory installation

Catching big game fish

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Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayak Stabilizer Bar

Click here to see the Wilderness Systems Stabilizer Standing Bar

The Wilderness Systems Stabilizer Bar provides assistance with standing up in your kayak and lean-on stability while casting or fishing in a standing position. This strong, double-walled marine-grade aluminum bar attaches to the SlideTrax rail on Wildnerness Systems kayaks and folds flat when not in use. It comes with hardware to bolt directly to your kayak if you don’t have SlideTrax rails. The width between the mounts is 19.75 inches. The height is adjustable and can fit anglers 5’2″ – 6’4″. The Stabilizer Bar is the perfect accessory for your Wilderness Systems kayak to allow you to enjoy your time on the water longer and in more comfort. Instructions and mounting hardware included.

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Standing in a Fishing Kayak: Kayak Stabilizers

One of the most often asked questions about new fishing kayaks is can you stand in it.  It’s probably one of the top 3 criteria fishermen look for these days.  And for good reason.  Standing lets you get a much better vantage point especially if you’re trying to sight fish or creep up on spooky fish.  It is also a more natural fishing posture rather than sitting down in a cramped cockpit with a bulky PFD on.  For those on a budget, and don’t want to pay $1000 plus for a more stable fishing kayak to stand in, there is still hope.

Here are a couple of options that will allow you to add stabilizers to almost any kayak or canoe.

Click Here to Get the Yak Gear Outriggers

The Yak-Gear Outriggers increase the stability of your canoe or kayak and allow you to stand up for sight casting or just surveying the area. The outriggers help you feel more secure and stable and allow you to move around your boat, or get on and off of it easier and more comfortably. Comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.

• Includes mounting hardware
• Fully retractable arms
• Versitile
• Shafts inserted into Scotty 350 rod holders (included) connect the floats to the boat
• Increases you kayak or canoe’s stability
Click Here to Get the Scotty Kayak Stabilizer 302

These also operate off of a Scotty base, but in a slightly lighter, less bulky package.  Feel secure and stable in your kayak while fishing with the Scotty Kayak Stabilizer attached to your kayak. The Scotty Kayak Stabilizer is made with easy to inflate inner bladders which offer over 30 lb of extra buoyancy. With Scotty’s new Locking Posts, installation and removal is quick and easy!

• Each pontoon includes 4 permanently attached D rings
• Scotty adjustable mounting system for easy installation and removal.
• Each 28 inch anodized aluminum support arm includes one Scotty mounting base
• The 30″ long x 8″ diameter (zipper opening) pontoons are made of heavy PVC coate
• Includes 2 Scotty Baitcaster 280 rod holders
See the Scotty stabilizers in action.

Click here to see the Hobie Sidekick Outriggers

The Hobie Sidekick Ama Outrigger Kit adds extra stability to your kayak. Whether you sail, fish, shoot pictures, dive, or just want to feel a bit more stable when using your kayak, the Hobie Sidekick Ama Outrigger Kit will do it. Light weight and simple to install.  And these will work with many different kayaks, not just Hobies.

• Adjustable float height with simple twist and click
• Three positions – High, Medium or Low
• Inflate with just a few breaths – Rapid deflate
• Adventure model requires adapter plate 72062061
• Installs with 4 included bolts and expanding well nuts
• Discounts and/or coupons do not apply to this item